Why Shop Local

Grocery stores are made up of thousands of different brands and products, all of which are unique. Some brands are nationally known while other, small brands, are only known regionally. These local or regional brands and products are not lower quality or value, but can easily be picked over each day in the grocery store for being lesser-known. When you browse the aisle, looking for BBQ sauce for your family rib recipe, are you grabbing the same ol' sauce you always get? Or are you searching for something new with a twist? It’s easy to choose the familiar, comfortable product you grew up with, but now, we want to encourage you to consider local brands and products the next time you shop. There are some great options available on almost every aisle!

What Does Shopping Local Mean?

Shopping local doesn’t only apply to farmer’s markets or roadside stands. Shopping local means trying new regionally made products and supporting your local community in any way you can. Here at our United Family grocery stores, we’re proud to carry hundreds of locally and regionally made products for our customers to try. Check out our brochure below to see all of our locally made Texas products!

Meet Some Texas Favorite Brands!

Siete Foods




Support Your Friends and Neighbors

Think of a friend or neighbor who works at or owns a local business. These businesses keep our communities, towns, and organizations thriving, and without them, we lose the voice of our success. The same is true for local vendors who pride themselves on creating unique and diverse products. Each time you purchase a locally made product, you’re supporting your neighbors and that shows them that their hard work is paying off. Additionally, you can watch as your local investments mold and change the community you live in. How would your community change if everyone purchased at least one local product each time they went into the grocery store? The vendors hire people, contribute money to local organizations and fundraisers, and grow local economies. Your dollars create more change than talking, and each purchase is a vote for supporting local business and growers. You can be an active participant in shaping the future of your town every time you make a purchase.

Discover Something New

Hundreds of products in our stores are made right here in our backyard.  Each one different than the next and offers unique new experiences. Local ingredients and labor, keeping each dollar, right here, in our community. Fresh products + local companies is a win/win. The best part is you don't have to actually walk into a store to see what products we have available. We've put all of our locally made products onto one page so you can browse all of your options! Click the button below to get started or scroll down below to see all of our products displayed. 

Support Future Growth

Knowing every dollar you spend is going back into our community is a great feeling. Local businesses, purchasing local ingredients, take care of each other, and give back to their communities through charities, scholarships, and donations. When your organization is looking for funding, who are you more likely to ask: a big box store or the local business owner who’s truly invested in the community? Small businesses give generously. Next time you walk down the aisle give a local brand a try!