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More Than 100 Years of Excellence and Counting

United's roots go back to 1916 when our founder, H.D. Snell, opened his first United Cash Store. Today, our United stores number 42, and they are located in 28 Texas communities. H.D. “Jack” Snell, Jr., introduced United to Lubbock in the 1950s, Wichita Falls in the 1960s and Amarillo in the 1970s.

From the beginning, our focus has been on our customers. In fact, we don’t even call them customers; we call them “Guests” because that is how we want everyone who walks in our doors to feel – like a guest in our home. At United, we go out of our way to offer unparalleled service to every Guest who enters our doors.

We also work hard to give you amazing values every day and provide skilled butchers and bakers, and even baggers who carry out your groceries every time. We’re always happy to help. If you have questions or need assistance, just ask.

In 2013 United Supermarkets L.L.C. was bought by Albertsons L.L.C. and now operates as a separate, decentralized division of the Albertsons Company. Joe Albertsons founded his company in 1939 with a similar philosophy to the Snell Family. Joe said: “give customers the products they want, at a fair price, with lots of care along the way.” For a company that built its reputation on service, that’s a sentiment we can relate to.

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