At United Express Service is Our Calling

Ever wonder why United Express doesn’t look or feel like any other convenience store? Well, to really understand why, let’s share the story of how United Express came to be.

 It all began with some fuel pumps out front of a United Supermarkets a few years back. The purpose was pretty simple; just about all our guests were driving to our stores, and we recognized that we could provide them an easy and simple solution to one more of their basic needs, gasoline.

But then we got to thinking, what if we could offer those gas station guests a little something extra? What if we could bring a few selected items from United Supermarkets out to the little kiosk building next to the pumps? What if we could take stock of classic convenience store product needs and then added some fresh and delicious offerings prepared daily inside of our supermarkets?

   It would be a unique formula that no one in our area had ever seen before. Call it having your cake and eating it too: quintessential convenience store goodies and tasty high-quality supermarket foods. We had already learned how to provide gas. And of course we knew how to make great food. All that was left was learning how to edit our selection for the on-the-go convenience store shoppers.

   Because a key mission of United has always been to find new ways to solve our guests’ needs, the concept seemed obvious. And so United Express was born.